Tenth Harvest

Tenth Harvest is a wine importer and distributor based in Baltimore, Maryland. The belief is it takes many seasons for a winemaker to truly know his land and produce that perfect wine. That event is known as the Tenth Harvest.

Using their experience in the restaurant and wine industries, the founders conceptualized a company that put the focus on quality as well as creating a connection between artisanal wine makers and the marketplace.

We teamed up with Tenth Harvest for branding, website design, and the creation of murals for their warehouse.

Branding  |  Web Design  |  Collateral  |  Mural
Tenth Harvest Mural
Tenth Harvest Stationery

Tenth Harvest approached us to develop a brand that focuses on quality and tell their story through visuals and a website, which would easily allow Tenth Harvest to communicate with current and potential customers.

Tenth Harvest Wine Box
Tenth Harvest Mural